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Helen Keller once said,


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – but must be felt with the heart.”

Hi,  I’m Lisa and I am passionate about helping people with chronic conditions lead genuine lives and bring their stories to the forefront.

For too long I was ashamed of many aspects of my life and I didn’t own my story.  I was hung up on old patterns and gave up on things that could help me feel connected.

My background is in Nursing & Subacute Centers but I made a huge change in my career to HVAC.  I did say huge but eventually due to my visual impairment and other health issues I retired.

As I transitioned into entrepreneurship I started networking to grow my business.  However, I didn’t realize that by hiding parts of my story under the rug – I wasn’t allowing my connections to grow.  People really did not get to know me.

By glossing over the truth of my story, I was preventing progress in my life both personally and professionally. I was dealing with chronic health issues, pain from the past, and not seeing the success I wanted. I kept asking myself how can I use my story to help others overcome theirs, I found a solution!

Hack Your Way Well was born!  By sharing our personal stories we can find solutions.  You can gain insight into what is holding you back on a deeper level.  Only then you can implement a plan and continue to grow in your journey.

I am focused on wellness, or as I like to say it, getting a kick start so we can live a life on the other side if dis-ease. When we feel better, we do better.

I love swapping stories and walking people through a Birdseye view of small changes that have a massive impact, it applied to me and maybe will apply to you.

Let’s work together if you are:
  • Self-motivated and capable of doing more in your life but unsure of the next steps.

  • Considering a more purposeful kick start, but feel stuck because of current health issues like autoimmune conditions, low energy, and pain.

  • Looking to understand the stories we tell ourselves that prevents us from taking the next step.

  • considering a biohacker lifestyle and taking control of our health outcomes.

Let’s find time to chat and have a meaningful conversation. Perhaps we can be mutually beneficial for one another’s dreams and goals.