• Lisa Tuccio

3 Underrated Growing Businesses You Should Look Into

You don’t have to be employed at a big company to make a big impact. With the ever-growing internet and media and countless ways to make connections, there are many opportunities to be a part of successful small businesses. So, whether you’re a student looking for experience or already employed but looking for a side gig, there’s bound to be something you can be a part of! Here are 3 underrated businesses you might just find some serious success in.

Online Streaming

Perhaps this is a hobby of yours that you’d like to turn into a career. But is it possible to turn it into a full-time gig? Yes, actually It can be done if you do it right. Streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.tv have allowed many users to broadcast and network with others across the globe. It’s not a get rich quick thing, but rather a marathon. You must be consistent, build your community, and keep giving your viewers entertained so they stick around. Doing this could eventually get you partnered and your content monetized. Always be on the lookout for inspiration for your own content.

Social Media Management

Why is a job title like this so important? Simple — social networking is one of the fastest growing industries in the world but is often under-appreciated despite the power it has. Due to the continuously growing internet industry, there are countless ways to connect and network with others and create content to create customer loyalty. Communication through social media marketing is key to let customers know you’re active and listening and doing so helps companies validate their brand.

Rideshare/Delivery Platforms

Applications such as Uber, Lyft, UberEATS, and DoorDash have allowed people to access transportation and delivery with a single tap of their mobile phone. Why has this become so popular over the past several years? Because of its relative ease and convenience. Ridesharing and delivery are powerful promoters of community and economic growth, encouraging safe driving and easy spending. Both are also excellent sources of income for drivers, providing a flexible schedule for when and wherever you are.

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