• Lisa Tuccio

Embrace Your Mitochondria

In today's world, we have to consider the changes in our daily habits and environment. With the increase in the computer age and a sedentary lifestyle, it may not just be a matter of increasing exercise and nutrition.

One key factor we may consider is that mitochondrial health is among some the biggest factor in poor health and energy. 

Mitochondria is responsible for the function of every cell, body function, from muscle health, brain function and longevity. 

As we become more sedentary and inside we lose the production of ATP and we begin to experience symptoms.

1, Muscle weakness

2. Nervous system problems

3. Eye weakness

4. Developmental problems in kids

A recent study at Yale University indicates that sugar changes mitochondrial size in the brain. The amazement was that such a few brain cells in the brain had such a powerful impact in the circulating glucose levels that affect many peripheral tissue functions which is related to type 2 diabetics.

How can we reverse this trend? Just the same as you are intentional about your diet we should be more intentional about activities that increase your cellular health.

1. Cold Exposure - Tricks the body to increase Mito production

2. Fasting - also aids in longevity and decreased radical damage

3. Exercise - movement, walking

4. Sun Exposure - Light has a direct impact on your cell health.

5. Mitochondrial Activators - Uses nutrition to boost cellular energy

Implementing habits that increase our bodies potential can help resist the leading cause of age and help us feel and live our best lives.

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