• Lisa Tuccio

Eye Health And Age

We have all heard about eating carrots for the eye, it is rich in Beta Carotene and vitamin A and gives the pigment of the carrot. My grand parents drank carrot juice that they pressed at home every day of there life. Is there more to the story of prevention and Age related eye disease? Here are some tips.

Vitamin A the most talked about. It is linked to protecting the surface of the eye and the cornea, It has been shown in studies to be a protectant for dry eyes and cataracts. Rhodopsin, in carrots, also helps in low light. Without it we would not see very well in low light times of day. So what are other less commonly talked about things we need to know to fight against age related eye diseased?

Omega 3 Fatty acids, fish - cold water wild fish are a great source of DHA and EPA both are shown to support eye health by promoting retinal development. Low levels are shown to be linked to retinal diseased and muscular degeneration.

Decreasing sodium levels is linked to reducing risk factors of the eye.

Reducing Oxidation stress by increasing antioxidants can help protect the eye. The eye is very vascular which means more oxygen and increased free radical damage, also lowering inflammation to the retina. By lowering my eye inflammation I was able to see better and not have that underwater view of the world.

Zinc is the agent that carries vitamin A out of the liver to the retina. It produces a protective pigment in the eye. The retina interprets light with the rods and cones through the optic nerve to the brain. Impaired vision is linked to this deficiency.

So feed your vision and with antioxidants and leafy green and bright colored vegetables. See your eye doctor so you can be empowered by prevention. When choosing what works for your health, chose things that feed your body and your eyes too.

Lisa Tuccio

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