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Hair and Aging

Hair changes as we age, by age 40 we begin to see the effects. Dryness, scalp channges, and sun burn on the areas that get exposed to the sun. Age happens and our bodies slow down its ability to renew and regenerate cells as quickley. So what are some things we can do about it to keep our hair happy, healthy, and full. The good news is that you can take a few steps that will ensure a healthy head of the hair.

4 TIps for Healthier Hair

1. Trim your hair

Your hair grows and the ends become brittle and break. That can make your hair look unhealthy and flyaway. It will allow the remaining hair look and feel more hydrated.

2. Cleanse your hair

Chose a product that lifts and and provides volume and cleans the scalp. You want to remove impurities, products that have collected on your hair and scalp thoughout the day.

3. Condidtion your hair

Conditioning fills in the gap of hair. restoring strands that are broken or damages from age related changes and the sun damage that occures. Adding moisture rejuvinates and restores makung your hair feel amazing and fresh.

4. Turn Down the Heat

Heat is very damaging and drying to the hair. Try using a styling tool at a medium setting and not using the highest heat setting. Another thing i do is turn my head upside down and dry on lower heat to get at the root of my hair and scalp. You may want to invest in a heat protectant product. Do not forget a healthy diet feeds the cells of our bodies to perform at its peak to regenerate well.

Once you have made some simple changes you will see a healthier and richer head of hair. Skip the products sometimes to give your hair a chance to repair and prevent future damage. Keep implementing the steps above to keep from neglecting your hair and style.


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