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Is Your Body Toxic

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

As I pondered that question, I was thinking about the illness I already have. Like most people when there is something wrong with me and my health I would go to the doctor and see what they said, take that pill and go on with life.

As I aged those problems didn’t go away as fast and I was beginning to suffer more frequently. Then I began going to the doctor’s office more often. As a nurse and someone with chronic disease I thought this was the way it is. It wasn’t until I started taking full responsibility for my health that I began looking. I dug a little deeper and figuring out that I could do better, and it was my lack of information and responsibility for my health that kept me stuck.

What was next? It was a little overwhelming. I stuck to it and focused by looking at what I could change in my own home and body.

Personal care products

Companies in the US are not required to test their products for safety nor list the ingredients on the label. You will never know what is in them. Examples of products like Shampoo, conditioners, lotions and deodorants.


1 in 5 cosmetics contain formaldehyde a known human carcinogen.

Study CDC

97% of Americans have Oxybenzone on their body. This is found in sunscreen, lip balm, Lipsticks, moisturizers and fragrances. This chemical is linked to hormone disruptors, cellular damage, and low birth weight

Toxins Damage DNA

Many commonly used pesticides, phthalates, improperly detoxified estrogens, and products containing benzene damage D.N.A. Like glues, Paints, Cleaning products and natural in the environment.

Toxins modify DNA

Our genes switch off and on to adapt to changes in our bodies and the outer environment. But many toxins activate or suppressing our genes in undesirable ways. That may resuting in Disease related to age

Toxins damage Cell Membranes

“Signaling” in the body happens in the cell membranes. Damage to these membranes prevents them from getting important messages. Those messages are highly active in the brain and would damaging the cell nucleus.


Now we are armed with a few facts that touch on a few products and toxins that we are exposed to. We can start to look at the labels on our products and food store items.

1. We can choose to use less of a product to reduce its impact.

2. Eat A plant-based Diet or close to it, lean meats.

3. Switch out products for Chemical free Living Shampoo, conditioners, lotions

4. Increase our antioxidant protection we can Switch on and off the good genes.

5. Look to natural herbs and alternative remedies for daily or temporary discomforts. Like ginger, turmeric, green tea and more.

6. Begin to think of prevention as a way of life and tool for long term wellness.

If you are uncertain about how to move forward, Seek out advice from your Chiropractor, natural doctors and nutritionist. I would be happy to share my story with you and the changes I made.

Lisa Tuccio


Founder of Clear LIving


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